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Demolition of interior to the bare studs, including asbestos removal.

Restoring the original arch construction of the entry way into the hallway.

Rebuilding the framing of the doorways leading to the meeting rooms.
Restored arch belonging to the entryway leading to the room that housed the original council chambers.  Architectural design completed by Don Schweitzer.

Earthquake retro-fit tying the un-reinforced brick walls to the ceiling with steel braces.

Steel structure frames the building providing support to the building foundation.

Foyer ceiling restored to its original design.  Earthquake retro-fit reinforcement can be seen on the edges.  Prism Construction was the engineering firm performing the work.

Earthquake retro-fit of the masonry arch leading to the hallway.

The outside of the building had to be restored to its original facade.

The exterior of the building being prepared for new coats of paint.

Refinished south facade.

Arch entrance was rebuilt and the roof was donated by Brea roofing.
Window Restoration.jpg (75601 bytes)
Window restoration.  Most of the original panes still remain and were preserved.

Refinished exterior.

Lion Claude Bradley provides instructions of framing to Lion Joe Rollino and volunteer Walt Tees.

Volunteers discuss the process for framing the original window sills.

Volunteer cutting steel stud material to size.

Volunteers start the steel stud installation process.

Claude Bradley affixes the studs to the masonry wall.  Studs were donated by Western Steel.

Original volunteer Walt Tees Bar working with framing materials.

The framing of the storage closet for tables and chairs.

The framing of the original windows.

Full view of the main meeting room where the installation of the steel beams is complete.

The installation of the electrical conduit.

Installation of a sprinkler system bringing the building up to code.

The hunt for the sewer system connection begins.

Coring of the concrete in the fire truck parking bay in preparation for bathroom plumbing.

Initial installation of the rough plumbing for the new bathrooms.

Completed installation of the main line.
We found it.  The sewer connection and we did it without the aid of a GPS unit.
Plumbing Fixture Infrastructure.jpg (96368 bytes)
Installation of the manifolds that the toilets will be connected to when the drywall work is complete.
 Old Electrical System.jpg (555825 bytes)
The old electrical system, complete with temporary extension cords and fuses.  Are you young enough to know what a fuse is?
Upgraded Electrical System.jpg (500462 bytes)
The new electrical system developed to meet the latest code.
Drywall Donation.jpg (95338 bytes)
Donation of drywall by U.S. Gypsum.
Drywall Install Closeup.jpg (532852 bytes)
The beginning of the installation of insulation and drywall.
Drywall work in the original jail.  The bars still remain on the outside of the building safeguarding the window.

The drywall in the basement, which housed the extended jail.

Additional drywall work in the basement.

The framing of the doors leading to the bathrooms on the lower level of the building.
 Drywall Install Hall Arches.jpg (410551 bytes)
Restoration of the original arches located in the hallway.
Drywall Rough Foyer Ceiling.jpg (506828 bytes)
The redevelopment of the arched ceiling in the entry foyer.

Drywall work in what is the warming kitchen on the lower level of the building.

Installation of some of the HVAC components.
Installation of custom door jambs necessitated by retro-fit work.
Setting of new mahogany doors.
Door hardware, which approximates the original hardware back in 1929.
Doorway Detail Finishing.jpg (70958 bytes)
Three coats of Urethane to protect the doors.
Cat5 Cable Runs.jpg (95758 bytes) 
Installation of Cat 5 cable for a future voice/data network.
Ceiling Grid and Light Installation.jpg (85780 bytes)
Initial installation of the ceiling grids and panels in the meeting rooms.

A view of the southwest meeting room where the ceiling installation is complete. 

Installation of the specialized wall board necessary for the tile installation.

Installation of the tile bathroom floor installed by Coyle Construction.
Bathroom wall tile installation begins.  Tile donated by Pawlack Tile.

Completed bathroom tile work.

Decorative tile design pattern for the bathrooms.

Plumbing fixture installation work begins.

Toilet installation complete.
Bathroom Install Complete.jpg (461740 bytes)
Complete men's bathroom.

Reconstruction of the floor in the upstairs meeting room.
Warming Kitchen Floor Installation.jpg (448836 bytes)
Installation of tile floor in the warming kitchen.  Tile donated by Pawlack Tile.

Installation of the tile floor in the main hallway.

Lions Claude Bradley and Tom Anthony applying finish coats to the interior walls of the southwest meeting room.
Preparing the floor for the installation of carpet that was donated by Magic Carpet.  The view is the south east meeting room.

Primer coat applied to the walls of the upstairs meeting room.

Lion Bill Higgins applying specialized paint on the metal window panes.

Carpeting installed on the stairway leading up to the upstairs meeting room.
View Unfinished Main Room.jpg (54505 bytes)
Floor preparation of the main meeting room.  The rough textured floor was where the safe used by the City Treasurer.
 Finshed Carpet Installation of Main Meeting Room.jpg (454491 bytes)
The view of the finished main meeting room.
Stair refinishing.jpg (482681 bytes)
Refinishing of the original oak stairs leading to the lower level of the building. 

Installation of lights in what became the warming kitchen.

One of the wives making sure the volunteers stay focused and quietly wonders when the 12 year old project will really be completed.

Another stage in the restoration of the ceiling in the entrance foyer.

A look of the completed ceiling of the entrance foyer.

A view of the restored main hallway facing out toward Brea Blvd.
Finished Interior Archways.jpg (441598 bytes)
A view of the restored main hallway facing west from the main entrance of the building.

Restored stained glass piece installed in the early 60's and crafted by a city employee.

Refinished new entry doors minus the glasswork.
Front View of Entrance Doors.jpg (450354 bytes)
A view of the etched glass with the Girl Scout and Boy Scout insignia's.

Auction Presenters.jpg (75127 bytes)
Lion Lyle Sutton performs the ceremonial ribbon cutting at the opening of the Brea Lions Scout Center.

Scouts ?take possession? of their new meeting place.

The annual Brea Lions Auction is one of the ways funds were raised to help us complete and maintain this historical jewel of the city.  Lion's Dave and Julie La Neve are the auctioneers pictured here.  Lorena Kolb and Lion Dr. Mark Piekarski, both Brea business people also handled auctioneer duties.

We appreciate all of the citizens who supported our auctions so that this project could become a reality.  It is our hope that you see the value our volunteers have brought, not only to this building, but to the City as well. 

A special thanks to the Brea Communications group who were very helpful in broadcasting our auctions.  Thanks to Cindy Ryan, Joy and Scott.