Brea Lions Scout Center Foundation Board of Directors

Walt Tees

Jan Wingerter
Vice President

Jan is the owner of Wingerter Secretarial.  She is a former co-chair of the first committee and past-president of the Foundation is still active in Brea Girl Scouts and the Scout Center Foundation. Jan has served for 14 years as the Girl Scout Community Relations Chair and was the leader of Brownie Troop 785 and Junior Girl Scout Troop 1036. She is a former member of the Girl Scout Council of Orange Country, and a Foundation Board Member who instrumental in rallying the Brea Girl Scouts for the Foundation¹s efforts. She is a recipient of Brea¹s People Make the Difference Award.  Jan was one of the contributors in the writing of the grant application to the Winegart Foundation.
Terri Daxon

Terri is the only one of the organization who has served on the Foundation¹s committee as its publicity chair for several years. She is a long-time Scout supporter and former awards chair and committee member of Cub Scout Pack 880, assistant leader of Cub Scout Den 1, awards chair and secretary for Boy Scout Troop 1001 and an active, dedicated community volunteer. She is currently a Boy Scout merit badge counselor and writes a weekly article titled “Terri’s Town”. Terri was one of the contributors in the writing of the grant application to the Winegart Foundation.
Gary Sanui

Bill McLearan

Lyle Sutton

P.J. Smith


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